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Conditions & Requirements

• Age 39 or older

• Have not received a Heart CT Scan in the past 12 months

• Not currently under cancer treatment

• Full duration of your visit is around 60 minutes

• Must attend consultation with spouse or significant other

Personalized Discussion about Your Health Goals

A thorough conversation about your health objectives, concerns, and what you hope to achieve through preventive screenings.

Review of Medical History

An evaluation of your medical history to identify any risk factors or areas of concern that might benefit from closer examination.Information on Services

Overview of Screenings

Detailed information on the variety of available screenings, including heart scans, full body scans, and specific tests for detecting conditions like cancer, heart disease, and more.

Explanation of Technologies

Insight into the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and technologies used, such as AI-driven imaging, and how they contribute to accurate and early detection.

Payment Options and Plans

An overview of the flexible payment options, financing plans, and any available discounts or membership benefits to make the services more accessible and affordable.

Payment Options and Plans

An overview of the flexible payment options, financing plans, and any available discounts or membership benefits to make the services more accessible and affordable.

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What can I see on a full body scan?

The specific findings that can be seen on a whole body medical scan will vary depending on the type of scan that is used and the body part that is being imaged. However, some of the most common findings that can be seen on whole body scans include:

  • Cancer: Whole body scans can be used to detect cancer at an early stage, when it is most treatable.

  • Tumors: Tumors are abnormal growths of tissue. Tumors can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous).

  • Inflammation: Inflammation is a condition that causes redness, swelling, and pain. Inflammation can be seen on a scan as an area of increased brightness.

  • Abnormalities in bone density: Whole body scans can be used to measure bone density. Bone density is important because it can help to identify osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become weak and brittle.

  • Abnormalities in the heart and lungs: Some whole body scans are used to detect early signs of deadly diseases such as heart and cancer.

What's the difference a MRI and a Computed Tomography body scan?

The main difference between a computed tomography scan like ours and an MRI scan is that the MRI scan cannot image the heart and the vessels around it. Since heart disease is the number one killer of all diseases, it is very important to have a scan that can see early signs of heart disease. Our scan can also see up to 500 different types of cancers. So early detection is the key with an advanced body scan. Advanced Body Scans computed tomography scans are considered the gold standard for imaging the heart. Since heart disease is the number one killer of all Americans, it makes sense to get this scan in lieu of an MRI. Cancer is the second leading cause of death after heart disease. Of all cancers, Lung cancer is number one in deaths. The lungs are another area that MRIs struggle to image. Computed Tomography scans are superior at imaging calcium buildup in the heart and the structures of the lungs for lung cancer.

Other differences between an MRI and a Computed Tomography Scan are comfort and time. Our Advanced scan takes less than 5 minutes. There is no need to change clothes and there are no needles, no prep, and nothing covering your body. With MRI technology, your body is covered in electronics called "coils" These coils remain in place for the entire scan and can be somewhat cumbersome. They can hold heat causing many patients to overheat during scans. Counting the time it takes to attach the coils to your body, the entire process can take upwards of 45 minutes to 75 minutes for the entire MRI process. MRIs also produce an enormous amount of noise, up to 100 decibels, and can be very problematic for people who are subject to claustrophobia.

What can I expect during this scan?

Our simple non-surgical advanced scan requires no injections, no dyes, no fasting, or other preparations. This test has been designed with your comfort in mind. You will lie down on the table, you will go in feet first and the whole process take less than 5 minutes. Our Advanced Scanner will quickly and painlessly scan your organs, including your heart, lungs, and other organs as well as the vessels around your heart looking for early signs of heart disease and up to 500 cancers as well as other diseases. It will take multiple helical images of your organs, your heart, and its vessels looking for the earliest signs of heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases.

Who should get a body scan?

A whole-body Computed Tomography Scan, also known as a CT Body Scan, is a valuable tool for detecting potential health issues at an early stage. You should consider getting a whole-body CT scan if you have individual risk factors such as obesity, environmental exposures, and especially a family medical history of disease. The following individuals may benefit from a whole-body CT scan:

  • Asymptomatic Individuals with Risk Factors: People with a family history of certain diseases, such as cancer or heart disease, may consider getting a whole-body CT scan to identify potential early signs or genetic predispositions.

  • Smokers and Former Smokers: Current and former smokers are at a higher risk of developing lung cancer and other respiratory issues. A whole-body CT scan can help detect lung abnormalities and identify potential issues early on.

  • Individuals with Specific Symptoms: In some cases, individuals experiencing unexplained symptoms, such as persistent pain, weight loss, or other concerning issues, may be advised to undergo a whole-body CT scan to investigate the cause.

  • High-Risk Occupational Exposure: Certain professions expose individuals to substances or conditions that may increase the risk of specific diseases. Those with high-risk occupational exposure may consider regular whole-body CT scans as part of their health monitoring.

  • Those with Chronic Conditions: People with chronic conditions like autoimmune diseases or chronic infections may consider whole-body CT scans to monitor disease progression and potential complications.

  • Individuals with Known Health Conditions: People with certain existing health conditions, such as a history of cancer, heart disease, or kidney problems, may benefit from regular whole-body CT scans to monitor disease progression or detect potential recurrences.

  • Those with a History of Environmental Radiation Exposure: Individuals who have received significant radiation exposure in the past, either due to medical treatments or other reasons, may consider whole-body CT scans for ongoing monitoring and assessment.

  • Middle-Aged and Older Adults: As people age, the risk of developing various health issues increases. Middle-aged and older adults may choose to undergo whole-body CT scans as part of their preventive healthcare strategy.-

  • Individuals Considering Lifestyle Changes: People planning to make significant lifestyle changes, such as starting a new exercise routine, quitting smoking, or altering their diet, may consider getting a baseline whole-body CT scan to track improvements in their health over time.

  • Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts: Athletes and those actively engaged in intense physical activities may use whole-body CT scans to assess potential sports-related injuries or monitor their musculoskeletal health.

  • Individuals with Concerns about Osteoporosis: Whole-body CT scans can help assess bone density and detect early signs of osteoporosis, a condition characterized by weakened bones.

  • Individuals with Unexplained Weight Loss: Sudden and unexplained weight loss could be a sign of an underlying health issue. Whole-body CT scans can help identify potential causes.

  • People with a History of Environmental Exposure: Individuals who have lived in or near areas with environmental contaminants or pollutants may opt for whole-body CT scans to assess any potential health risks.

  • Individuals Planning Major Medical Procedures: People scheduled for extensive surgeries or organ transplants may undergo whole-body CT scans to assess their overall health status before the procedure.

  • Those Seeking Peace of Mind: Some individuals may choose to have a whole-body CT scan simply for peace of mind, especially if they have concerns about their health and want a comprehensive evaluation.

Is it painful?

No, It is a completely noninvasive scan. There are no needles, no dyes to drink, no fasting, and no medications to take. This test takes less than 5 minutes. 

Will I get a consultation after my scan?

Yes, we have cardiologist, radiologist, and other MDs on staff that will go over your results and answer any questions you may have after the scan.

How long does it take?

The scan takes less than 5 minutes, because you don’t have to change clothes and there are no needles, no dyes, no prep. It's one of the simplest medical tests you can take. 

Do you take insurance?

Most commercial insurers including Medicare do not cover these types of scans. However, we have financing programs to fit any budget. Our financing programs have monthly payments starting at less than $100 a month.

Are all body scan companies the same?

No, technology, outcomes, and the total number of scans performed have a huge impact on the quality of the outcome.   Our continuous improvement in technology over the span of a dozen years and well over 100,000 successfully performed scans make Advanced  Body Scan the leader in the industry as well as one of the most successful facilities at finding disease and cancer at early stages.


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